Career Transition Assistance

Transition Essentials for Athletes, Military & Students (T.E.A.M.S)
National Career Development Association

PCCSS will add value to the career transitions of professional athletes, military service members and students by providing a full-range of services, from personal image consulting to coaching and mentoring in the area of career development. Our approach provides a passage to solidify elements of the career transition model as permanent practices. Our objective is to create an opportunity for our client to experience a smooth career transition. PCCSS will access and utilize all federal, state and local resources available for employment and health benefits for which the client is qualified.

Whether your change is from military to civilian employment, from professional athletics to permanent employment, or from being a student to finding your first job, we will access and utilize all available employment and health benefits for which you are qualified. As a member of the National Career Development Association (NCDA), PCCSS governs our career transition practice on the common principles of NCDA, moving from self-reflection to self-discovery. While continuing to learn and conduct research on the many transitioning populations in this country, we understand and support the following methodologies:

Personal Social Development Domain

  • Develop understanding of self to build and maintain a positive self-concept.
  • Develop positive interpersonal skills including respect for diversity.
  • Strengthen communication skills, including supervised practice in real-life settings.

Educational Achievement and Lifelong Learning Domain

  • Attain educational performance and achievement levels needed to reach your personal and career goals.
  • Participate in ongoing, lifelong learning experiences to enhance your ability to function effectively in a diverse and changing economy.

Career Management Domain

  • Create and manage a career plan that meets your short- and long-term goals.
  • Strengthen decision-making skills as an integral component of career development.