The D.E.P.T.H. Approach

PCCSS delivers professional services to create a perfect balance between image and work. We help you produce a corporate and personal brand with great flexibility and for all types of individuals and organizations.

  • Needs Assessments
  • Performance and Occupational Audits
  • Program Evaluation Using Competency Modeling
  • Career Transition Assistance
  • Corporate and Personal Image Consulting
  • Strategic Planning for Board and Management Development
  • Interventions to engender healthy organizational cultures

Development of Career Transition Assistance: Career Awareness/Assessment/Development

  • Image Consultation, Wardrobe Consulting (
  • Career Decision Making, Experiential Education, Job Search, Career Services (Personal Social Development, Educational Achievement and Lifelong Learning / Career Management

Evaluation & Assessment of Performance Measurement Tools

Needs assessment is a process for figuring out how to close a learning or performance gap. It involves determining what the important needs are and how to address them.
  • Solving a current problem
  • Avoiding a past or current problem
  • Creating or taking advantage of a future opportunity
  • Providing learning development for growth

Performance and Occupational Audits

  • Job Descriptions analysis/Job Analysis
  • Program Management, Program Evaluation

Trainings/Technical Assistance

  • Workforce development
  • Executive Leadership, Strategic Planning, Succession Planning, Board Governance

Human Capital Instruments to Improve Productivity

  • Virtual learning library
  • Training evaluations tools

Training & Technical Assistance

The support PCCSS offers for Head Start/Early Head Start grantees to strengthen their programs is based on experience and founded upon the principles of organizational transformation. PCCSS officers will work with your staff to successfully meet and surpass the challenges of grantees' dynamic and complex work environments. We offer administrative analysis, program evaluations, training needs assessments, program management, executive coaching, workforce training and technical assistance.